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I have had a number of investments with different institutions and found National Trust to be the best performer without fanfare. You quietly get on with the job my farm is on the market for R18 million and I am giving the whole lot to you to manage you have proved yourself.

Mr G Chennels Farm Navarre Somerset West

Vandat julle my portefeulje lank terug by Appleton oorgeneem het is ek baie baie tevrede met die groei. Julle diens is goed en julle keuses het altyd goed uitgewerk.

Dr APG Sohnge Helderberg Village Somerset West.

I have been a client of yours for 16 years and living in the UK I need to have faith in my portfolio manager. You have proved yourself over the long term and your performance has always been exceptional. Your personal service and visits to me in London have been appreciated.

Mrs J Dales London UK

As a client of Chris for over 6 years I am extremely happy with his results to date and I can certainly recommend him to handle one's share portfolio.

Mrs P. King Helderberg Village Somerset West.

Despite difficult and falling markets worldwide, National Trust have exceeded all my expectations and the growth and performance on our investment portfolio have been excellent.

Derrick Jackson Marietta,Georgia U.S.A.

National Trust have for many years been able to outperform most markets due to their superb stock picking ability and vision. My share portfolio has performed very well.

Neville Ross Harbour Island,Gordons Bay Cape Town